Rivertown Gym offers several membership programs to suit your needs and lifestyle. Because there is NO LONG TERM CONTRACT, each membership type is pre-paid monthly, unless otherwise noted.  Various discount programs are available to our members depending upon eligibility. (Ask for details.)   The gym is available to all members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!!  The one-time $40 activation fee can be added to any current membership plan except Daily Members. 4  All prices subject to change without notice.

Regular Fitness Memberships

Twelve (12) Months $350.00
Six (6) Months $195.00
Three (3) Months $105.00
Month-to-Month $35.00
Daily Value Pack (10 Passes)$55.00
Daily Visit Pass$7.00

Group Fitness Classes 5

Current members may participate in most Group Fitness Classes for NO CHARGE as part of their paid membership, except as noted below.  Non-Members may participate by purchasing an Admission Ticket or Punch Card.  Each punch is valid towards one class.  Refer to the SCHEDULES page for available classes, dates, and times.
Prices reflect each one-hour sessionMemberNon-Member
Individual Class TicketFREE$ 6.00
Five (5) Class Punch CardFREE$ 30.00
Ten (10) Class Punch CardFREE$ 54.00

Students (Under 18 years old)

Daily Visit Pass$5.00

Spouse Memberships 2,3

Twelve (12) Months $250.00
Six (6) Months $155.00
Month-to-Month $25.00

Sauna / Tanning Programs

Program DescriptionMemberNon-Member
Sauna, one 30-minute session $4.00 $5.00
Tanning, 1-month, unlimited use $35.00$45.00
Tanning, 5 sessions $25.00$25.00
Tanning, 1 session $6.00 $6.00

Personal Training Programs by Todd Greenman

Todd Greenman is CPT–NCSF certified and holds multiple WDFPF and ADFPF Powerlifting World Records in his lifting category.
Training Session, 1-hour Period, Member$20.00
Training Session, 1-hour Period, Non-Member$25.00

1 This membership rate does NOT include a one-time $40 enrollment fee, which is assessed to all first-time members only.

2 Discount applies to one membership only. All applicable memberships must be purchased at the same time.

3 Month-to-Month memberships need to be enrolled in an ‘auto-payment’ or EFT processing program.

4 The 24×7 Gym Access Badge is provided at time of membership payment.  The Access Badge is the property of Rivertown Gym and MUST be returned if membership is cancelled or revoked.  A $10 replacement fee will be assessed if badge is lost, damaged, or not returned.

5 The purchase of the “pay-per-use” punch cards allow you to experience the variety of programs we offer.  However the punch cards  do expire after six (6) months from date of purchase.  A Fitness Membership is not required to use Group Fitness, Tanning, or Sauna “pay-per-use” programs.

6 Tanning is recommended to be 8-12 minutes per session. However, each person will tan differently at different rates. Please refer to the tanning waiver for more details.

7 Daily Passes will expire after six (6) months from date of purchase.